Monolith is a compact multipurpose remote-controlled unit, designed to work safely on high slopes in any direction and in very narrow areas. Monolith has a particular design concept, with low center of gravity that makes it perfect for operating in rough areas, maintaining an excellent grip as it always remains in contact with the surface. Monolith is equipped with a 23HP gasoline engine. It can be fitted with various attachments that can be quickly installed and replaced using our own designed easy coupling connection.

Tecnical Data

Weight430 kg, machine only
Thermic engineoBRIGGS & STRATTON TWO-CYLINDER GASOLINE 23 Hp EFI (Electronic Injection)
Consumption4 l/h
Maximum speed4.9 Km /h
TracksRubber 150X34X72 agricultural footprint
Oil tank capacity12 liters
Fuel tank capacity14 llitersitri
BatteryLead-acid Battery 12V AGM VRLA
TransmissionHydrostatic transmission with 2 piston pumps with variable flow and 315cc orbital motors
Hydraulic couplingsWith gear pump with cast iron body
Hydraulic connections P.T.O. Quick couplings ½ ”- Flow rate 31 LITERS AT 180 BAR
Hydraulic connections for SERVICESQuick couplings ¼ ”- Flow rate 3 LITERS AT 130 BAR
Remote Control 
Radio frequencyBluetooth 2,4GHz
Range of action150 m