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Agricultural machinery on which they could always count over time.

Fort vehicles.

Only those who have a long history like ours can keep up with the future.

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The products Fort, guarantee maximum reliability in the field of agriculture, construction, industry, gardening and park maintenance. All our products are the result of years of experience and continuous experimentation.

The realization of our products comply with a series of tests and trials that make our machines truly unique for quality, reliability and price. And thanks to our retailers, there is a fast and full assistance for all your needs.

The continuous contact with our customers drives us also to develop new models and accessories that improve the quality of work and make it relaxing and enjoyable use of our machines in all types of agricultural land, but also urban.

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Some models made by Fort

Energy saving and environmental protection is in our hands

Ecological vehicle City Fort
Electric vehicle Cityfort

Sensitivity to the environment has led us to create ecological machines, able to satisfy all the demands of our customers in various types of work situations ranging from transport in stock, to nurseries, management of public parks, all impact zero and with very low energy consumption.

An example is the Cityfort a compact electric vehicle with an aluminum frame, able to perform many functions, the management of public parks, fast delivery in limited traffic areas, etc. The vehicle can be transformed according to the needs of the customer to have a truly unique product for their work.

Electrics Transporters Fort.

Our transporter electrical 300w or 600W are able to operate in closed environments respect of the health of the operators, inotre these electric trolleys are able to tow weights on the wheel ranging from 1 to 3 tons of weight depending on the model. Zero emissions!