Electric Transporter 600 WXL Extralarge

The Trasporter 600 WXL (Steering or handle bar – Long version) is an electrical transporter for carrying or towing, 4/3 wheels drive steering or with handle bar, designed and built for the transport of a wide range of materials and products. In addition to the load capacity of 600 kg it’s able to pull carts weighing up to 1000 kg and it allows high load capacity and towing even on slopes of 20%.

Tecnical Data

Maximum power 600 W.
Electrical engine 24V
Load capacity 600 kg.
Max slope 20% 250 kg.
Max. Speed 5 km/h.
Length 2050 mm.
Width 75/65 mm.
Frame height 130 mm.
Trasmission Oil bath.
Weight 130 kg.
Controls Handle / Tiller steering.
2 Gel Batterie. 12 V / 45-80 Ah.
Working time 4 H.
Charging time 6 H.
Safety device Installed
without accessories.
standard version
code engine watt
12333417 electric 24V 600
Handlebars steering - Motor wheels TM 16/6.50x8” - Rear pivots tire 3.00/4” - Accessories’ frame.
12333418 electric 24V 600
Tiller head steering - Motor wheels TM 16/6.50x8” - Rear pivots tire 3.00/4 - Accessories’ frame.