Zero harmful emission!

Our company is very sensitive to all the topics that deal with nature and the environment, so we have developed a range of electrical products for all in order to respect both the nature and the health of those who work.

Self Made

In order to improve your work and make it easier, Fort offers you the opportunity to customize our products and accessories according to your needs. For any brench you want to work in, farming, farm animals, warehousing and so on, you have only to select the right accessories! Ask our expert advice, we are the only one beliving that our real surplus value cames from our customers suggestions.

300W / 600W

Electric transporter - 300W e 600W

300W e 600W electric transporter with towing capacity up to 3 Tons.

300WS / 600WS

Electric transporter - 300WS e 600WS

300WS 600WS electric transporter, works with grade up to 20%.


Electric transporter - 600WXL

600WXL electric transporter, load capacity over 600 kg.

Where you use

For Public authority

Electric transporter 600 W Fort with ecological operators.

Where streets cleaning and garbage collection have to be carried out in full respect of people and architectural structures and this can be done only with our products!.

Remove snow and ice

Electric transporter Winter E, with operator on a snowy road.

Our Winter model is a powerful snowplow that can be operated in those city streets that otherwise cannot be reached. Fast and clean!

For livestock farms

Electric transporter for livestock farms, tipping poultry transported by an operator.

Suitable for all types of livestock, from pigs, sheep, poultry and many more, where the advantage is to have a powerful means that is non-polluting and equipped with the right accessories, facilitating workers and safeguarding the health of the animals. See how versatile our transporters are!

For warehouse

Electric transporter in un caseificio, operatori all'interno di un deposito di formaggio.

We all know how useful it is for a food warehouse to have a powerful motor vehicle. But it's impossible! However, with our electric vehicles, you would have the same power as a motor vehicle but without polluting the environment, and more so, with more accessories directly customized by the client. For an efficient management of the livestock.

For supermarkets & discout stores

Electric transporter for discount, operating with load of fruit.

The forklifts usually found on the market are large and bulky, and besides that many of them are not electrical and require more time and effort to be spent on them by the operators as well as needing higher costs to run and maintain. Our electric transporters are suitable for all types of discount stores.

For nurseries and garden centers

girl carrying a cargo of flowers easily in the nursery with electric transporter 300 W by fort.

With our electrical vehicles, even at the garden and nursery sections, operators can perform all work easily and quickly, without causing damage by noxious fumes to flowers and essences, and without disturbing buyers intending to choose plants.

For towing and transport

300W electric transporter coupled to a trailer and used by a little girl.

Fort electrical transporters are able to develop great power and yet are very easy to use even by persons who aren't knowledgeable of these types of vehicles.

For riding stables

Girl takes care of his horse in security with the transporters designed to manneggi and riding schools.

Our vehicles are suitable for riding stables and riding schools: thanks to the complete lack of sharp edges either in the middle or in the accessories, workers can take care of the horses without any risk of injury. No more feeling tired in transportation or towing.