Fort, nature division

Greenhouse worker with electric transporter 300WS.

Working in close contact with nature, we developed a strong awareness of land and environment that led us to produce eco-friendly professional vehicles, equipped with low power, zero-emission electric motors.

Our electric vehicles are suitable for working wherever conventional-engine vehicles cannot be used, for example: in supermarket warehouses, in hospital pantries and in pedestrian or densely populated areas, for taking care of public green spaces.

Our vehicles are zero-emission guaranteed. Fort is actively committed both in nature conservation and in the health safeguard of all the operators, which need to handle our machines for many hours a day.

Our professional electric vehicles guarantee zero harmful emissions, noiseless working environment and an an easy, user-friendly use. We mainly provide electric mini-transporters and urban cleaning vehicles.

Zero-emission guaranteed!

Some electric transporters Fort.
Electric vehicles to zero emissions.