Tradition that follows the future, Fort.

Fort, photo staff in Sossano plant, Vicenza.

Only those who have a long history like ours can keep up with the future.

Azienda Fort, exterior view of the plant.

Fort was funded in the 1970s by a group of artisans and it first entered the market producing small agricultural machineries such as rotary tillers and diesel-powered walking tractors for the cultivation of agricultural lands and vineyard upkeep.

The company reached its first turning point right while designing walking tractors: they almost immediately had a great success thanks to the converging of technology, quality and expertise Fort gained directly working on the field.

Fort made a great qualitative leap in the 1980s, addressing also construction industry and widening its product range. It began designing and producing minitransporters, vans with bumper, tracked vehicles and small scrapers for earth tilling, besides many accessories to cling such as: frontal bars for earth movement, ploughshares and plows, towed trailers, water carts, harvesting mowers, olive-collecting brush, snowplough, leaf collector and many others.

During last years, we have widened our range of products with niche items addressed to small farmers and nurserymen. Moreover, we reserved a part of our operative structure to the creation of electric machines in order to support eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture and to avoid harmful emissions.

Customers are our wealth!

They are the focus of our work. Our mission is guiding them to buy what best suits their needs, offering qualified long-term assistance.

Agriculture vehicles but not only!

Agricultural vehicles Fort.