Small vehicles, Big performance!

Alien HY 8.0 cwith shovel
Alien HY 8.0 with shovel for loading.

Fort is more than agricultural machinery: we also produce vehicles for construction works, such as the transport of large quantities of heavy materials within narrow spaces or slope areas. Our tracked mini-transporters are obtaining very positive outcomes thanks to their ease of use and reduced size.

These minitranporters can be equipped with many accessories able to turn them into small diggers for earth digging or mini-scraper suitable to work in small areas (otherwise unreachable).

Even more: you can turn your transporter in a mobile concrete mixer, incomparably saving time and money.

Alien HY 6.5.1 with cement mixer automotive
Alien HY 6.5.1 with cement mixer automotive.
Alien HY 6.5 with shovel scraper load
Alien HY 6.5 with shovel scraper load.
Alien HY 6.5 with scraper
Alien HY 6.5 with scraper.

Minitransporters and tracked

Some minitransporters Fort used in construction.
Minitransporters with construction equipment.