Agricultural multifunctional reversible machinery Vision.

The project was born by our ambition to create a very compact and adaptable multifunction working machine; the operator can work with Vision in total ergonomic and ease without any special instructions... Essentially, we created something that was not in the market. Finally the project vision was born... Vision as visionary... Vision because visionary it is the ease of use, and visionary is the versatility of the machine... A multi talent machine...
A "Vision" into the future...

Tecnical Data

Maximum powerVanguard 12 Kw gazoline.
Rotation speedVanguard (16Cv) / 3600 rpm.
StarterElectric with recoil starter.
TrasmissionHydrostatic n.2 variable pumps and n.2 hydraulic engines.
Track width180 mm.
Number inferiors rollers3
Tensioning tracksAutomatic, with adjustable spring.
Heating exchange
PTO easy coupling PTOHydraulic lift - Standard PTO.
Coupling3 point linkage + PTO 1”3/8.
DistributorAuxiliary distributor flow 4.5 l/min.
Load lifting accessory200 kg.
Maximum speed in plane0-6, 6 Km/h
Maximum frontal slopeWith operator on board 35%.
Maximum gradient transverseWith operator on board 30%.
Width685 mm.
Length1620 mm.
HeightMax. 1790 mm.
Height seat780 mm.
Weight450 kg.
Safety deviceInstalled
No hood, no mowing bar, no accessories.