Work Vehicles Fort

Work vehicles Fort, represent a wide range of professional means for the transport of material. With the possibility of mounting a variety of accessories, these means can turn into custom vehicles.

Under art. 58, paragraph 1 of the Italian Highway Code, a Work Vehicles is defined as a selfpropelled vehicle with load bed, designed and manufactured for operating on the road or on construction sites. Work vehicles can be equipped with special work implements such as snowploughs, rearmounted cranes, salt- and/or grit spreaders, brushcutters, back-hoes, etc. Work vehicles are type-approved by the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for road use with or without work implements, and as such, are suitable for the transport of materials connected with the work to be performed by the vehicle or on the construction site.

Work Vehicles - Rambo Econ

Work Vehicles - Rambo Serie

Work Vehicles - Rambo S2000

Work Vehicles - Mini Pantera

Work Vehicles - Pantera L

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