Heavy-duty agricultural work vehicle

Farm machinery operators fort are represented by means powerful and rubusti for the loading of material up to 6000 Kg. For the larger models. Many accessories available.

The following characteristics distinguish the new heavy-duty agricultural work vehicle from the standard agricultural transporter:
a) - higher gross vehicle weight rating (up to 6000 kg);
b) - higher trailer weight (up to 6000 kg with hydraulic braking);
c) - increased width (up to 1750 mm);
d) - possibility of mounting external implements such as: implement mounting plate, rear implement mounting structure, bulldozer blade, snowplough blade, grit and/or fertiliser spreader, rear-mounted crane, backhoe, brushcutter, electric winch.

Agricultural work vehicle - Mini Pantera

Agricultural work vehicle - Linea

Agricultural work vehicle - Linea Super

Agricultural work vehicle - Legend

Agricultural work vehicle - Mithos

Agricultural work vehicle - Mithos Wheels Twins