Motormower Prime

Prime is an extraordinarily efficient motormower, reliable and solid machine made for professional work. Its numerous accessories make it the perfect tool for both field work and street cleaning. PTO easy coupling allows a rapid changing of accessories.

Tecnical Data

Maximum power6,3 KW. / 9,9 KW. Gazoline.
StarterRope started.
TrasmissionHydrostatic, continuos variable speed.
Heating exchangeInstalled.
Independent powerWith locking device.
PTOAt 980 rpm, mechanical independent.
PTO easy couplingQuick coupling for accessories.
Safety deviceInstalled.
Without wheels, without accessories.
standard version
code engine kw cicle
11833027 + 12322327 + 13002007 F130B 9,9 gazoline
With combi finger mowing bar 144 cm in oil bath and tires 5.00x10
without accessories
code engine kw cicle
11833027 F130B 9,9 gazoline
11833017 F130B AE (*) 9,9 gazoline
11130108 Honda Gx 270 6,3 gazoline
(*)= with electrical starting.