Motormower Mini Hydro

Mini Hydro is a full-optional hydrostatic motormower that can be used in many applications and different industries: its uses range from reaping fields in any kind of soil, even in sloping areas, to cleaning streets and squares from snow, leaves or urban waste. Its perfectly-equipped set of accessories makes this machine an essential working tool not only for agricultural holdings and nurserymen, but also for amateur gardeners.

Tecnical Data

ModelsMini Hydro
Maximum power4,9 KW. / 6,9 KW. Gazoline.
StarterRope started.
GearshiftHydrostatic trasmission.
AxleRigid with semi-differential.
PTOAt 980 rpm. mechanical independent.
PTO easy couplingQuick coupling for accessories.
SpeedContinuous speed change.
Weight96 kg.
Safety deviceInstalled
Without wheels, without mowing bar, without accessories.
standard version
code engine kw cicle
11883003 + 12320826 + 13001042 F65B 4,9 gazoline
With wheels 16.00x6.50x8" with device and mowing bar Busatisbisection cm 122.
without accessories
code engine kw cicle
11883003 F65B 4,9 gazoline
11882412 Honda GX 200 4,1 gazoline
11880406 Robin EX21 5,1 gazoline
11883005 F90B 6,9 gazoline
11882408 Honda GX 270 6,3 gazoline