Cut the grass! But only with a mower Fort!

The Fort mowers are machines exceptional, reliable both for gardening and for professional work. The cutter bars available on our models are suitable for cutting various types of vegetation, meadows high up in the mountains, to ’thin grass for lawns. The cut in various widths, is precise, and the anti-clogging device, there is the danger that the bar locks on the way to work.


Field Mowers HWM Fort

HWM Professional and handy Field Mowers.


Motormower Wm-600 Fort

Motormower Wm-600, with engine from 4,4 KW.

Micro Eco

Motormower Micro Eco Fort

Motormower Micro Eco, with engine from 4,1 KW.

Micro 2000

Motormower Micro 2000 Fort

Motormower Micro 2000 with engine from 3,4 KW. a 4,9 KW.


Motormower Razor Fort

Motormower Razor, with engine from 4,9 KW.


Motormower 280 Serie Fort

Motormower 280 Serie, with engine from 3,5 KW. to 6,9 KW.

Mini Hydro

Motormower Mini Hydro Fort

Motormower Mini Hydro, with engine from 4,1 KW. to 6,9 KW.


Motormower Prime Fort

Motormower Prime, with engine from 6,3 KW. to 9,9 KW.