Motorhoe Supertigre

Supertigre is a very powerful motorhoes. The engine unleashes power up to 6.9 kW. The rotary tiller have six cutting elements they do a perfect job, with a depth of 20 cm. Is equipped with different types of engine from 5,0 Kw to 6.9 Kw. The safety device installed, ensure complete reliability of the vehicle.

Tecnical Data

Maximum power5,0 KW Gazoline / 6,9 KW Diesel
StarterRope starter - Electrical.
Gearshift3 forward speed and 1 reverse motion with gears in oil bath.
ClutchDry multidiscs clutch.
PTOTwo power take-offs, one of which synchronized.
HandlebarWith height and side adjustment.
Weight115 kg.
Safety deviceInstalled
Without motor hood, without rotary tiller, without accessories.
standard version
code engine kw cicle
11693005 + 12300701 F90B 6,9 gazoline
11690102 + 12300701 LOMBARDINI 15LD 350 5,5 diesel
with rotary tiller with six disc elements.
without accessories
code engine kw cicle
11693005 F90B 6,9 gazoline
11693009 F90B AE (*) 6,9 gazoline
11692606 F70D 5,0 gazoline
11692609 F70D AE (*) 5,0 diesel
11690102 LOMBARDINI 15LD 350 5,5 diesel
(*) = electric starter.