Working the soil has never been easy.

The Fort tractors are powered agricultural equipment suitable for the surface treatment of agricultural land, in particular the cutter of small plots especially in horticulture, the nursery and gardening.

Models, are available with various types of motors with different types of power depending on the type of processing that will be used, may be Diesel or Gazoline, with or without differential. A lot of accessories that make it versatile use, from plows on mowers, seeders sprayers, trailer, trailers barrel, snowplow, brushes for urban roads etc.

104 Serie

Motorcultivator 104 serie, Fort

Motorcultivator 104, engine to 4,9 KW.

280 Serie

Motorcultivator 280 Serie Fort

Motorcultivator 280 Serie professional veichles, with engine to 6,9 KW.

180 Serie

Motorcultivator 180 Serie Fort

Motorcultivator 180 Serie a powerfull engine to 9,9 KW.


Motorcultivator Explorer Fort

Explorer professional motorcoltivator, with engine to 7,4 KW.


Motorcultivator Centauro Fort

Centauro is a powerfull motorcultivator, with engine to 9,0 KW.